Cast a Circle: A Photo Story


A good start to any circle is a 10 minute meditation to clear the mind.  Above, our model is meditating outside on the designated area – which you choose according to comfort.

Good Day my fellow Wiccans!

This week I was asked, for my tertiary subject -Photo Journalism 3, to create a photo story that entices my readers and creates intrigue for my blog. Well seeing as today is the first of September (considered the first day of spring in many southern hemisphere countries) and with the New Moon approaching, I thought it best to give you a ‘How to on Circle Casting’.

Most magic is performed in the circle and it would be particularly prudent to cast the circle in order to meditate, open chakras, use the powers and energies around us as well as within us and cast spells and create potions. Think of circle casting as the Wiccan equivalent to Christian Praise and Worship. Below you will find images of a good friend helping me by casting a circle so that I can provide a photo story to you, my loyal followers.


Please be advised that altar work is very personal and need not be done exactly as demonstrated. You merely need the basics such as:

1X BLACK CANDLE to represent the masculine powers at work

1x WHITE CANDLE to represent the feminine powers at work

1x RED DINNER CANDLE to represent the element of Fire

1x INCENSE HOLDER & INCENSE to represent the element of Air

1x GLASS/JUG OF WATER to represent the element of Water

1x SALT to represent the element of Earth and to close your circle

LIGHTER/MATCHES to light the candles and/or smudge sticks


(All the photos were either taken with my DSLR Nikon D3100 camera or my iPhone 5’s camera)

Enjoy and Peace be with you!


Above our model calmly meditates, opening his chakras. Focusing on his breathing and listening to the wondrous sounds of nature. 


 Here we see small glasses with contents pertaining to the elements. When casting a circle, it is important to represent the elements, either on your altar or on your circle, each to be placed at the four directions (North – Earth, West – Water, South – Fire and East – Air).


Our model is now lighting his smudge stick with an altar candle, to remove negative energies. (Smudge sticks are a variety of herbs with different uses, tied together and dried for burning) 


 The model using the smudge stick (made of White Rose, Sage and Lavender) and dispersing the smoke and keeping it lit with the feather.


Once you have cleared the space of negative energies, you can either use an athame (magical knife), wand (made of crystals or special wood) or salt to close off your circle for magical work. Our model is sprinkling salt as he lacks an athame or wand.


Now that your circle is cast you can cast spells and create potions. Our model is using a mortar and pestle to crush rosemary, lavender, coarse salt, olive oil and boiled water to create healing potions. (This potion, with a piece of Rose Quartz in it, has to sit in a wide open space, where both sunlight and moonlight can reach it for an entire Moon Cycle, before it can be sifted and ingested)


 It is always good to replenish yourself once you have finished your magical work. Our model is eating foods either completely natural or made of only natural ingredients. You can also his altar, making the use of candles, incense, crystals and herbs.


 This photo just came at the right time. The model is clearly eating an apple, ripe and green as it should be.


 I took this photo with the black and white filter on my iPhone Camera. The composition was just perfect during his meditation with the sun out.






My Imbolc Celebration

What a day it has been! I have finally had my Imbolc day and what an amazing day it was!

I started the day with an uninterrupted 1 and a half hour Meditation using Insight Timer Meditation App, in a simple circle I cast using different Crystals and Gems candles and incense. I then had oats with honey and raisins for breakfast. Reason for this is because of the scarcity of food in the winter (in the olden days of course) and I wanted this entire day to represent that.

So after doing some trivial everyday tasks I began to prepare the food I would need for my feast for two. I decided to look deep into my cupboards for my great-grandmothers very simple and even more delicious ‘Carne cozida e Cordeiro no vinho‘ which directly translated to ‘Boiled Beef and Lamb in Wine‘. I have made it plenty-a-time and couldn’t think of anything better than a simple and old family recipe.

So, having the recipe, I was on my way! I went to my local grocer for the freshest of ingredients, ensuring that everything is organic, the best cut and prepared by good people.


Above are most of the ingredients on displayed. Here is the entire recipe for those interested. The order presented is the sequenced to be entered into the pot(variations are a personal preference):

1 onion (diced)

1 cup cherry tomatoes/ 1 tomato (sliced)

500g beef goulash

500g Lamb chops (diced)

250ml dark red wine / dry white wine

1 cube beefstock

1 tsp garlic

1 tsp paprika

1 tsp salt

1 tsp rosemary

1 tsp sugar

1 tsp cayenne pepper

1 cup water

1 cup mushrooms (sliced)

8 baby potatoes / 2 potatoes (cubed)

Cooked seperately:

2 carrots (sliced)

1 cup greenbeans

After I had the food on the boil and cleaned up, I decided to go have a warm bath and then prepare my circle for a cleansing and blessing .

I then proceeded to dish out the food, and enter my circle. Very important to acknowledge all the powers at work in the world as explained in Basics for Wicca. I cleansed the energies surrounding me with a smudge stick (made of rosemary, mint, rose petals and sage) and a white sage incense stick. Then I thanked the Goddess and Mother Earth for providing the food on my plate and then blessed it before chowing down like an animal.

It was damn delicious!

In the picture top left, you can see exactly what my alter looks and the presentation of gems and candles.

For a tweet-by-tweet view, feel free to go to my Twitter page @thewiccaway and as always feel free to keep up to date with my blog, here on The Wicca Way

Thank you for being a part of this. I b also asked the Goddess to bless any man or woman who was gracious enough to view my blog or twitter account.

Any content provided on this blog is opinion based with selected 
information from various sources where indicated.
Images: All photos were taken by myself on the 11th of August 2016.

Municipal Elections

Just because I believe everyone on this good planet deserves a chance to vote, I have decided to share something with you all.

I live in South Africa and today we South Africans had our 2016 Municipal Elections. For those of you who are not familiar with the term, it is when (every five years)we are able to vote for local government candidates where we decide on a political party and the candidates there under. By doing so we have a chance to better the state of our municipal areas.


I was quite surprised at the turn-up as the last time I went to vote (when we had National elections in 2014) there were few people at peak hour of voting time (between 11 am and 1 pm) probably around 40 people in the line, and I was only in the line for 20 minutes. Then this year, a line of over 100 people circling the voting station, as seen below.


Just the progression of the line showed me that people in South Africa are finally (once again) fighting for their country and the welfare thereof. I am proud of you South Africa, you have finally taken a step, whether in the right direction we will just have to wait for the results, but either way.. WELL DONE! Imbolc has brought greatness


I wish the best for our country (having put a spell of wealth and prosperity on it a while back for good measure) and am sure we will once again raise our standards higher than our hopes..

Peace be with you my friends, peace be with you.

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Any content provided on this blog is opinion based with selected 
information from various sources where indicated.
Images: All photos were taken by myself on the 3 of August 2016.


Hello my friends and Merry Imbolc to you.

What is Imbolc you ask?

Well Imbolc signifies the return of spring and the inevitable end of winter has come again. The first of August for those of us who live in the Southern Hemisphere and the second of February for those in the North.

Why celebrate? Well dating back a few thousand years it was hard for human beings to survive the winter as we did not have grocery stores and farmers with trucks that could provide our meals for the month, all we have to do is get there and buy it.

No, in the old days people spent hours in the fields growing crops and breeding livestock through the warmer seasons so that they could harvest, slaughter and gather food for the winter. Once winter had ended the people would celebrate their survival by throwing huge festivities. They would gather some of the food that survived such as grain, flour, nuts, dried fruits, dried meat and wine, and do nothing but feast!

There would also be rituals set in place to cleanse the home from all negative energies and bless the seeds saved from last harvest to produce new crops. For us, its the perfect time to prepare your gardening tools and do some heavy spring cleaning. Another custom derived from Imbolc is the Brigids cross that people would fashion from reeds of grass and hang on their doors for protection. See image below


I myself have decided that instead of having a party on a Monday this year, I will celebrate the coming of spring for an entire month! Tomorrow I’ll be cleaning out the entire house, from top to bottom, corner to corner, leaving no dust bunny in place! And so that you guys have a chance to see what a personal feast for Imbolc looks like I will be holding a Imbolc feast for two (for my boyfriend and I) and will be posting updates on my twitter account (@thewiccaway) which you can also use with my hashtag #peacebewithyou .

Feel free to follow me and see what fun I’ll be having.

Thank you for reading and peace be with you!

Any content provided on this blog is opinion based with selected 
information from various sources where indicated.

Basics for Wicca

Do you believe that everything happens for a reason? That there is no accidents or that every second of the day was intended to be that way?

That, my friends, is the universe.

Many religions believe in the same thing without realizing it and if you have studied theology, you would already have picked up on it. Well, have you ever truly wondered where it all began?

The answer is as simple as one word… paganism.

Paganism is an umbrella term truly. Many different faiths/beliefs/religions are considered pagan because of how bare the belief system is. As describes it; Paganism is an earth-based religion that focuses on the power of nature, the cycles of the seasons and astrology. Some people are considered pagan because they just believe in more than one god (polytheists), not necessarily related to nature. Pagans have been given many names over history, such as; ungodly, infidel and heathen. Despite these words having negative-associations, many people belief that all northern African, European and middle-eastern religion stemmed from paganism. For example; pagans had rituals/celebrations that involved decorated trees over the winter periods (Yule), sound vaguely familiar? Here’s a hint; Christmas.

How does Wicca fall into all of this? Well, Wiccans fall under the pagan term because their rituals, celebrations and festivals revolve around the nature and the universe around us. In most Wiccan rituals, such as circle and spell casting and cleansing ceremonies, they focus on the five elements of life. They are, Earth in the North, Air in the East, Fire in the South, Water in the West and the Spirit Above. Hence the five pointed star below, each point represents and element.

As we progress, we will identify the power of each element, how to cast circles and spells as well as the plants and gems involved with each ritual or spell. When it comes to the magic or witchcraft in Wicca there is no such thing as good or bad/ white or black magic. There are only good and bad people. So I advise you now, if you intend to use of these teaching on this blog for negative purpose, I urge you to leave immediately. We are all here to spread peace and love on planet earth. I trust you will help me keep it that way.

Any content provided on this blog is opinion based with selected information from 
various sources where indicated.

Hello friends!

Welcome to the Wicca Way. A blog dedicated to helping you through a journey of understanding and progression of modern Wiccan beliefs.

This blog will be a series of post-by-post dedications, identifying and demonstrating the many facets that form the Wiccan world.


Above you will find a wiccan coven celebrating over a bonfire 
that Imbolc has come and spring is returning. 

Together we will discover and create ourselves as peaceful and fulfilled beings.

This blog will break down the many categories that form under Wiccan beliefs, such as; basics on Wicca, astrology, divination, Wiccan magic, gem and crystal significance, healthy and traditional Wiccan meals and the many Pagan/Wiccan celebrations.

One of the celebrations, which is to be celebrated on the 1st of August in the Southern Hemisphere is Imbolc. Imbolc signifies the end of winter and the renewal of the earth. The days have finally start to become long again and the nights shorter. In the old days, pagans an wiccans would celebrate their survival of the winter through large feasts with plenty drinks and the food that would have survived in the winter such as flour, dried herbs and fruit, as well as nuts and grain. They would also prepare their seeds by blessing them before having to be sowed.

This would be the perfect time for you to prepare your gardening tools, clean your flower beds and vegetable patches and make your last pot of soup as the days begin to warm and the flowers once again emerge from the earth. I myself, will be celebrating Imbolc for the whole month of August and have a traditional feast all by myself on the 11th! For more follow me on Twitter

Enjoy the coming of spring, keep your eyes wide and your heart open as our journey begins.

Peace be with you.

Any content provided on this blog is opinion based with selected 
information from various sources where indicated.