Managing Social Media

It is common knowledge that living in today’s fast-paced, technology driven society, it is even harder to be somebody than before the internet arrived. We only had to be ourselves and that would determine the people we attracted and those people would live mere blocks away, back when the only way to communicate involved a dying postal system and phone bills your parents couldn’t afford.  Today we are presented with hundreds of different ways to meet people and create relationships that span over miles and miles of distance. Social media has given us the opportunity to make friends anywhere in the world without leaving our beds. But that also leaves us with a bit of a disadvantage.

Social media has become so popular that using it is the equivalent of talking in a crowded room where everyone has something to say. Chances are, you won’t be heard unless you are famous or at the very least; funny. With that in mind, here are 7 tips I have invented for myself in order to attract followers and gain a better understanding of those followers.

(The following can be used for all Social Media Platforms)

  1. Follow likeminded people.

What is the point of being on social media if you don’t like what you see? Follow users that have the same interests as you do and soon enough others will follow you in return for the same reasons.

  1. Share. Post.

A constant and systematic social media user is a happy social media user. It is human nature to be nosy, and people have a need to be in the know. Provide information in an organised format.

  1. What’s the point?

It is also important to remember that content needs to be useful or informative. There is no point in posting the first thing that comes to mind, everything should follow a thought process. Make your readers think.

  1. Hahaha all the way

Although it is important for your content to be informative it should also be emphasised that people don’t like to se boring content. Add a little light humour to keep your audience entertained. This helps you seem more human to the public eye.

  1. Inspire

It is a very good idea to inspire your followers every now and again. You never know who is going to need a pick-me-up and will look to your account for that. Even the use of imagery makes you seem more attractive and a lot more capable, making you inspirational in a sense.

  1. Everyone likes a bargain

If you are selling something, whether it be a product, service or even your ‘brand’ people are more attracted to something that will cost them less. Whether it is money or time, everyone could use a little more of it.

  1. Asked and Answered.

Lastly, your interaction with your followers. Provide an easy to use medium that allows your followers to communicate with you. Whether it is a simple ‘yay or nay’ system or comment box below, it is always good to see what your followers think of you. Remember that all critique is good critique and can only help improve your stats.

Let these few and easy steps be the guide to a happy life on social media. And remember that you can  only move forward by taking the first step.

Peace be with you.

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