A Short Biography

For those reading this, there are only few things that you truly need to know about me. Like every man and woman there are the shell and the substance you will find inside of it, and that which surrounds us.

My name is Daniel and I am 21 years old. I have grown up in South Africa and am sure to be staying here for many years to come. I am loyal to those who surround me, and that includes the beautiful landscapes that inspire me every day in this one-of-a-kind country.

I am passionate and caring, my drive always associated with a creative outlet like writing or drawing. Since I can remember I have always been a people’s person, catering for others needs and growing in doing so. I have gone through a lot, but my past means nothing to me, except the lessons I learnt from it and my future is the perfect opportunity to learn more. I believe that every day is a chance to be better than I am.

I am as simple as I am complex. I don’t ask for much from people, only the same respect I give them and the same amount of chances to prove I am worthy of more than I let on. The world is more than our oyster, it’s an ocean that adds to us, takes from us and gives us exactly what we deserve. We just wait for the opportunity to show what beautiful pearls we truly are. The beautiful pearl I am.


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